Tea Lounge: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Before I went to the Tea Lounge, I’d heard from my friend that he’d heard from his friend that Tea Lounge was too trendy and too Park Slope. My friend, a fellow Park Slope resident, seemed to disagree as we braved the cold, past the park, and toward the coffeeshop/bar/lounge hybrid. Conclusively, and I’ll tell you this now to quench your curious thirst: I too disagreed.

Tea Lounge is a big space. Particularly for New York. It may just be a medium space outside of New York. Who knows. But the space is bigger than you’d expect and isles of plush couches, probably hand-picked from the streets of New York on trash night, fill the room between chairs and mismatched tables. At the far end of the room, a smallish stage brings in musicians from Wednesday nights on through Saturdays. Jazz-infused and heavily effected guitars created a lounge music vibe which, well, catered to the lounge-ness of the place.

It was a week day night and bustling just the same as I’d expect on a Friday or Saturday night. Studious laptop users sat beside romancing couples and chatty friends and I have to say, between licking the whipped frosting off of my OREO cupcake and sipping a glass of Riesling, I was immediately at ease–especially when my friend bought me a second glass. So yes. Conclusively, I like Tea Lounge. Is it a perfect place to work? Eh. Maybe not. Is it a good place for a date or a drink with a friend? Definitely.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photos By: Ben Britz