9.22.10 West Virginia, Driving as far as we can.

The two hard-workin’ folks who bring you The Anti Tourist, Ben Britz and myself, are driving RIGHT NOW. We’re driving and hoping to get to Austin this weekend. We’re moving there. We’re experimenting with LIVE blogging. And I just wrote a blog on Facebook! I did it while… LIVE! LIVE from the 1996 Honda Accord with 268,000 miles on it! Keep up with our Facebook page for continued entries from this trip and check out the first chronicling of the journey here.



Help us launch a new site!!!

Hi travelers! For the last 26 months or so, we have been bringing you travel stories from across the globe from people just like you–people who like to dig into the culture of a place and discover destinations really worth your time and money. We’ve done all of this for absolutely no payment (we don’t even have advertising yet)! Eager to take everything with the site to the next level, we’ve sketched out, drafted, and thought up a new website–one that will be easier for you to navigate, on our own server, and better all around. But we gotta pay the talented designers and programmers to work their magic. If you’re a fan of TAT and can donate to this cause, please do! $1? $100? Anything and everything will help us take this site to the next level and help it to become more of a community for all you travelers who aren’t tourists. Thank you in advance. We’ve poured countless hours into this website and we’re counting on our fans to help us take it up a notch. And if you can’t donate anything? It’s all good. We’ll keep traveling, keep writing, keep posting, and eventually, we’ll have a way better website. -Elizabeth Seward/THE ANTI TOURIST

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