Hong Kong – Symphony of Light

Every night at 8pm, Hong Kong’s skyscrapers shine spotlights and lasers from their rooftops in what’s billed as a “Symphony of Light”. Tourists line up along the harbor for the yawn-inducing light show, which benefits greatly from the ever-present smog that casts the city in a gray-green light during the day. I took the ferry from the southern coast to the northern part of the city (Kowloon) while the show was happening–they tuned the boat’s PA system to the radio station which was broadcasting the music to which the lights were cued.

I caught a taxi at the ferry depot and went to the Temple Street night market, which was hopping at 9pm, but started to close up around 11pm. For sale are all varieties of strange produce, cheap plastic crap, clothing, antiques, jewelry, etc. Everyone I had to deal with spoke English or typed the price into a calculator. They were all open to negotiation.  Fortune tellers were set up at one corner. There are loads of restaurants where you can pick your seafood dinner out directly from the tank, or get a bowl of steamy noodles to eat at picnic tables with plastic chairs. There was even a street lined with saunas, spas, and ladies in high heels.

By: Sarah Landau