Costa Rica

By: Sarah Landau


Costa Rica Zip Line Canopy Tour VIDEOS!

Hurtling through the dense rainforest canopy at 40mph, the ground far away and nearly invisible through the dense foliage, I couldn’t just NOT take a video, could I? It was INTENSE. I’m going back, I promise. I had already done it once before in Ohio, and it was equally awesome, but still, you know, the rainforest, man. So cool.

Here is what it looks like from another angle; I love how you hear the buzz of the cable long before she appears out of the treetops:


Videos and text by: Ben Britz
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Playa Nicuesa: Heaven on Earth

We each have our own definition of Heaven. We dream up places with teal water and smooth sands, waterfalls and tropical plants, wildlife and boundless recreational activities, delicious food, the very best mixed drinks, yoga on the beach at sunrise, removal from technology…we dream of utter peacefulness. We dream of Costa Rica’s Playa Nicuesa.

For all my travels, Playa Nicuesa was arguably my first real vacation. This eco lodge, nestled into the rain forest surrounding the east side of Golfo Dulce in the bottom part of the country, leaves you no choice but to relax.

Hammocks are strewn throughout the lodge and its grounds. Open air showers soundtrack your showering time with the hollers of monkeys and songs of birds. A book collection stands in the lodge boasting good reads from pop fiction (Admittedly, I got sucked into Twilight and can fairly blame Nicuesa for the addiction I’m combatting now) to Costa Rica guide books. The rain forest awaits you to the east and the Pacific ocean rolls in and out to the west. And rest assured; you aren’t left to your own devices.

Nicuesa’s staff tops my list of staff everywhere, across the globe, for their intellect, passion, and helpfulness. Outdoor activities are arranged daily. Whether you want to snorkel with giant eels (which was borderline terrifying), slow down the boat’s engine and watch hundreds of dolphins coast on by in crystal clear water, fish for tuna, kayak alongside boa constrictors, hike miles through the forest to a waterfall and proceed to rappel up and down that waterfall, or learn about the edible landscape that surrounds you (I ate a termite and cranked out my own sugar cane juice within 15 minutes of each other), Nicuesa’s staff are ready and willing and eager to make you feel right at home.

And whether or not you ‘do’ yoga is unimportant. Nicuesa’s current yoga instructor, Eden Putinini, helped me stretch out my nervous muscles and start each day with a peaceful mind at sunrise right in front of the ocean–inexperience in yoga aside.

Nicuesa is one of those once-in-a-lifetime places that even as a writer, I have a difficult time finding words to describe. The only thing I can really say is that if you love nature and are looking to get away from it all, I couldn’t recommend any place I’ve yet to see over Playa Nicuesa in southern Costa Rica. Because of this lodge, I now use the word ‘paradisiacal’. And I believe in Heaven.

By: Elizabeth Seward