Main Street Massage – Ann Arbor

Don’t be daunted by the two stories of steep stairs that immediately confront you upon opening the door—it’ll be worth it. Right on Ann Arbor’s bustling Main Street, next to the Prickly Pear (my fave Ann Arbor place for massive amounts of Mexican) and a short couple blocks from the Burnt Toast Inn where I was staying, these stairs offer a certain transitional period, a buffer, a challenge, a kind of purgatory one must first endure before enjoying the heavenly delights of this therapeutic, healing spa.

I was greeted with a warm smile and a glass of ice water, which I welcomed after the staircase ordeal (I was, at the time, unfortunately, on crutches). Cheryl the Therapist chatted me up a bit, finding out exactly what we’d be working on. I’d been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome for about 7 years, off and on, ever since I gave up the piano because of it.

The massage was incredible—she got my hands, wrists, forearms, and worked her way up to my upper arms, back, and chest, rubbing out the tension and years worth of built-up problems and exasperated dreams. She was knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing, describing in detail the therapeutic benefits of each circular motion, depressed pressure point, thrumming chakra. She was kind enough to recommend making this a regular thing, that would really see the benefits over a period of time. If only! I have a dream…

Too soon, it was all over. A smiling woman, another client, offered to help me down the stairs when she saw my crutches. I declined, though, wanting to make my own way, and soon enough, there I was, blinking in the suddenly bright sunlight.

By: Ben Britz