San Antonio, Texas

By: Anthony Shustak


5 Pointz: Where Graffiti Is, Undoubtedly, Art.

Let me preface this piece by saying this: I have NO IDEA why I haven’t written about this place before. I didn’t hear about 5 Pointz because it’s a ‘spot’ people ‘go to’. I saw it from the 7 train window repeatedly before I finally decided to follow the steel train to this graffiti Narnia and see for myself what it was all about. Graffiti Narnia. That’s how I’d describe 5 Pointz. Sure. It’s a big warehouse, 4 or 5 stories high, covered head to toe and front to back with graffiti. The graffiti is ever-changing and unlike so much of the graffiti out there–there’s a lot of good graffiti, always, to be seen at 5 Pointz. I mean…really good. I mean stunning portrayals of scenes from Goonies good. And it’s just this way. I’ve been frequenting 5 Pointz a few times a year for 7 years now. Not only am I never disappointed by 5 Pointz, but every time friends visit from out of town and want to do ANYthing but Times Square and the Empire State Building, I put 5 Pointz on the list of things to do and thereby pass the torch of 5 Pointz approval along a winding line of people-I’ve-deemed-worthy.

BONUS: 5 Pointz just happens to be across the street from MOMA’s PS1 and a diner I hear is good. Coincidence? Maybe. Convenient? Yes.

By: Elizabeth Seward. Photos by: Elizabeth Seward and Ben Britz