Gorilla Coffee: Park Slope, Brooklyn

My first interaction with Gorilla Coffee was, who’d figure, with the coffee. My roommate kept the red and black bag, completed with a gorilla face stencil, in our freezer during the first couple of weeks I lived in this apartment. Ok, well, he still keeps the stuff around. Nothing has changed in that department. So I tried the coffee. I won’t get into how good it was. I mean, it was good, but more importantly, it was strong. It kept me wired all day and my interest was piqued enough to head over to the Park Slope coffee shop.

The shop: Smallish. Cafeteria-esque. Maps of the world circa 2nd grade classroom pull=down vinyl hanging on the wall. A merchandise corner (Gorilla face on tee, anyone?) is near the front of the room. And there are incredibly tasty treats.

What the shop is good for: Meeting a friend for coffee, working on a lunch break, getting cracked out of your mind (legally) and making your colleagues wonder what the fuck is up with you.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photos By: Elizabeth Seward and Katie DeRogatis


Tea Lounge: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Before I went to the Tea Lounge, I’d heard from my friend that he’d heard from his friend that Tea Lounge was too trendy and too Park Slope. My friend, a fellow Park Slope resident, seemed to disagree as we braved the cold, past the park, and toward the coffeeshop/bar/lounge hybrid. Conclusively, and I’ll tell you this now to quench your curious thirst: I too disagreed.

Tea Lounge is a big space. Particularly for New York. It may just be a medium space outside of New York. Who knows. But the space is bigger than you’d expect and isles of plush couches, probably hand-picked from the streets of New York on trash night, fill the room between chairs and mismatched tables. At the far end of the room, a smallish stage brings in musicians from Wednesday nights on through Saturdays. Jazz-infused and heavily effected guitars created a lounge music vibe which, well, catered to the lounge-ness of the place.

It was a week day night and bustling just the same as I’d expect on a Friday or Saturday night. Studious laptop users sat beside romancing couples and chatty friends and I have to say, between licking the whipped frosting off of my OREO cupcake and sipping a glass of Riesling, I was immediately at ease–especially when my friend bought me a second glass. So yes. Conclusively, I like Tea Lounge. Is it a perfect place to work? Eh. Maybe not. Is it a good place for a date or a drink with a friend? Definitely.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photos By: Ben Britz