Costa Rica Zip Line Canopy Tour VIDEOS!

Hurtling through the dense rainforest canopy at 40mph, the ground far away and nearly invisible through the dense foliage, I couldn’t just NOT take a video, could I? It was INTENSE. I’m going back, I promise. I had already done it once before in Ohio, and it was equally awesome, but still, you know, the rainforest, man. So cool.

Here is what it looks like from another angle; I love how you hear the buzz of the cable long before she appears out of the treetops:


Videos and text by: Ben Britz
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Zip Lining in Ohio: the way to see the Hocking Hills

You can explore the forest on foot. You can also do it while soaring through the canopy of the forest. Travelers visit places like Costa Rica, the reported birthplace of the canopy tour/zip line, to do just that. But they don’t often visit southeastern Ohio for the activity. But they should.

On a recent trip to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, not very far from where I grew up, I explored the forests in more depth than I ever had on weekend trips as a child. And by that I mean, I went zip lining (sidenote:  I also rode in a hot air balloon for the first time and as cheesy as that might seem to you, believe me, it is fan-freaking-tabulous. You should do it.). It was my first time going zip lining and I was excited. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours took me out for the adventure and as I ascended higher and higher toward the perfectly blue April sky, I had this “man, everyone should try this” feeling.The guides were sassy and simultaneously thoroughly helpful. The landscape was breathtaking. The lines were long and I sped quickly from tree to tree. The three hour tour felt more like 30 minutes. I can’t wait to do it again.

If you’re one of those people who thinks Ohio is all flat; think again. Southeastern Ohio is, in fact, Appalachia. And it is filled with gorgeous rolling hills. The kind you should eye from above.

By:  Elizabeth Seward, Photos By: Ben Britz