Antelope Valley, California

By: Chris Traynor


13 Summer Travel Ideas: USA

It’s too early for me to be awake. I was watching my nephew shoot off bottle rockets next to a raging bonfire in BackWoods, USA last night (Greensboro, Pennsylvania). To nobody’s surprise, that lasted all night. But I’m up and I’m happy it’s July 4th. I’m in Morgantown, West Virginia for it, getting ready to embark on an afternoon of one of the most American things out there: a BBQ. I’m either feeling groggy or generous or both, but I want to help you plan your travels this summer across the USA if you haven’t already done some planning. Here are some summer travel ideas, straight to you from The Anti Tourist.

1. Spokane, Washington

Go biking, kayaking, wine-tasting, live-music-watching, or out to eat in this city that surprised me last summer. I had a blast in the blazing heat and you will, too. The Davenport is the main hotel downtown and I swear on my life that it’s haunted.

2. California (Santa Cruz and farther north)

SoCal is gorgeous in its own right, but during the summer, head north–preferably on a road trip up the 101. Between Santa Cruz, The Redwoods, and all that is offered in San Francisco and San Mateo County, you’ll keep yourself busy and wonder why you hadn’t explored more thoroughly before now.

3. Maine

Maine makes for a great summer getaway. You’ll hit a lot of cities on the east coast, but once you hit Maine, you’ll get some much-needed peace and quiet. Try out The Cliffhouse for top-of-the-line oceanside rooms and a rockin’ spa. HINT: you can also bring your dog(s).

Need more ideas? OK. Here you go. 10 more USA summer travel ideas:

4. Pamper yourself at NYC Spas.

5. Visit Asheville. Stay in a B&B in Asheville.

6. Go ghost hunting in Texas, stay here, eat at the Mighty Cone (serious about that last one–FRIED FOOD in ICE CREAM cones, what??).

7. Speaking of ghosts, go to Dudleytown in Connecticut.

8. Colorado is good for more than its slopes. Check out the state in the summertime. Stay at the Boulder Canyon Inn, check out the Bat Cave!

9. Hit the streets of DC. From cool clubs with caves for basements to bed and breakfasts that will give you way too much wine, DC is a sweet city that comes alive in a way we like during the summer. Worship both Jehovah and the Gods of Rock and Roll at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue/Music venue!

10. Go zip-lining in Hocking Hills, Ohio. While you’re there, go Hot-Air Ballooning too, because, why the hell not? How about a Lunchbox Museum? How about flying lessons from a crazy (crazy AWESOME) man?

11. Hike, ride horses, and do other country thaaangs while staying at a B&B in Pennsylvania.

12. Turn off your phone and check into a cottage in Oregon.

13. Go caving. Anywhere. The caves will keep you cool during the hot summer months. Tennesee and Kentucky are full of ’em, but check out a full list of USA Caves to map out your underground route.

Now quit talkin’ about getting away this summer and just do it.

By: Elizabeth Seward

Escape L.A. via Manhattan Beach

There’s nothing Manhattan about Manhattan Beach, California. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Decked out with people relaxing and soaking in the sun, the beach, of course, inherently, is a bit different than the big apple. Manhattan Beach has more charm than just the typical oceanside draw, though. The architecture of the houses along the boardwalk of Manhattan Beach was the first thing that ever caught my eye there. (What can I say, I like windows and the color teal…and the good people there do, too!) More importantly, however, is the bicycle-friendly attitude of the beach. If you like the idea of pedaling along the beach at sunset without being bothered, do it on Manhattan Beach. The stroll is one of the easiest you’ll ever find and the view is absolutely breathtaking, too. Make a pit stop along the beach for some real Mexican food or a cocktail near the waves. Whatever you do, don’t bypass this oh so awesome adventure you could have for next to no money.

By: Elizabeth Seward

Nevada County, California

California arguably offers more for the intrepid explorer than any other state. Though populated by those rushing west for gold, it now lures visitors and immigrants with its colossal economy, Hollywood, liberal politics, and diversity in land and culture. The gold rush has long been forgotten in the metropolises, but in some parts of the Sierra foothills, the mining industry survives. Though not the thriving business it once was, its presence in Nevada County is unavoidable. Many mines have been converted to state parks and are now open to the public (Empire Mine), some sit disintegrating into the hillsides, and some are still operating (Underground Gold Miner’s Museum). Wooden sidewalks, gaudy facades, and fur and leather shops give these towns an old-west feel. But if you peer into the shop windows, behind the faux shutters, you’ll find hookahs, didgeridoos, incense, and hemp garments. Nevada County has become a conglomerate of conservative individualists and progressive eccentrics. Gun carrying cowboys live beside bumper sticker flaunting hippies—happily. Continue reading

Tantra on Sunset Blvd…YUM!

Whether you’re in the hip WIlliamsburg of New York City or Silver Lake of Los Angeles, you probably know the drill: there are a lot of cool things to do in these neighborhoods, but more often than not, you have to dig through layers and layers of too-cool-for-school pretension to uncover these fabulous things. Luckily, Tantra restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake stands out like a sore thumb-and I mean that in the most endearing of ways.

This terrific Indian restaurant shows its beauty before you even enter. The gorgeous architecture catches your eye and encourages you to at least entertain the idea of having Tantra serve you a meal. If you’re anywhere in Los Angeles, I’d suggest you listen to that encouragement and take a seat in Tantra.
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