Enter The Anti Tourist Travel Photo Contest and Win The Care Package!

Interested in winning a big ol’ goodie bag from The Anti Tourist‘s most recent travels? Then enter the most recent travel photo contest on The Anti Tourist Facebook Page. All you have to do is post your favorite travel photos to the Facebook wall and then have your friends come LIKE your photos once they’re in the Contest Photo Album. The photo with the most LIKES by noon on Friday, October 8th will get shipped a box of special things from our recent travels.

Pictured above, the package includes:

Bay leaves from Grenada
Chunks of cinnamon from Grenada
Bath Salt from Grenada
Nutmeg from Grenada
Cloves from Grenada
Handmade soap from Grenada
Organic Cocoa Balls from Grenada
Pure Vanilla from Grenada
Caribbean Naturals Bug Spray from Grenada
Full nutmeg in pouch from Grenada

Ruby Port Red Wine Brownie by Mary Louise Butter from Austin, TX

“One Foot in the Gravy” cd by The Hillbilly Gypsies, from Morgantown, WV


The Mighty Cone–Ice Cream’s New Rival: Austin, Texas

1600 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 9pm

In true Austin fashion, The Mighty Cone sits in a parking lot in the ever-trendy South Congress district. Little more than a trailer and picnic benches, The Mighty Cone offers Hot ‘n’ Crunchy sandwiches in a cone. The Cone’s owner, Jeff Blank, began this fair-worthy food back in 2002 when the Austin City Limits Festival contacted Hudson’s on the Bay to help entice local restaurants to join the festival’s food court. At that time, Hudson’s on the Bay was already offering Hot ‘n’ Crunch trout, easily one of their most ordered entrees. Blank and Executive Chef Robert Rhoades began to test their breading on other foods and decided to go with chicken, breaded with their Hot ‘n’ Crunchy, wrapped in a tortilla, dropped into a paper cone and served with mango-jalapeño slaw and ancho sauce.
Just like that, the Hot ‘n’ Crunchy Chicken Cone was born. These cones proved to be a fan favorite at the ACL Festival for years, and they ended up expanded the menu to include avocado and shrimp. After the fair hype and sales, Blank knew he had to offer the Hot ‘n’ Crunchy Cone on a regular basis. In March 2009, he launched the opening of The Mighty Cone on South Congress. Blank’s motto: “If it sits still long enough, we’ll put Hot ‘n’ Crunchy on it.”

The Mighty Cone is an expanded version of the ACL Festival offerings. They now offer a variety of cones to include their chicken, avocado, and shrimp staples and combinations of those. The chicken avocado cone is tasty and filling. The Mighty Cone also offers a cone dog, which is made with grass fed venison and beef sliders. For vegetarians, the cone has All-Veggie sliders. Pair any cone with some fries or the even bolder chili-dusted fries and you’re in for a real fair experience. Finally, but certainly not least, wash it all down with fresh hand-dipped Blue Bell shakes that come in chocolate, vanilla, or fresh strawberry. The best part? The Hot ‘n’ Crunchy Chicken Cone is a mere $4.95. They offer delicious food that’s easy on the pockets, and FAST. This is lunch-break-approved and a definite destination for any traveler trying to avoid restaurant chains in Austin.

If you happen to find yourself on the South Congress block, look for the bright red picnic tables and big umbrellas. You might order a cone and chat amongst your friends while it cools in their fancy cone holders (each table offers many holders) and enjoy the foot traffic and music that South Congress always offers. The Mighty Cone: definitely giving ice cream a rival in the cone business.

By: Tanya Munoz

Geeks Unite at Local Watering Hole: Austin, Texas

In the midst of the many bars on West 6th Street lies a group of nerds. Not just any nerds–nerds that drink. Opal Divine’s Freehouse attracts geniuses, historians, random fact students, drinkers, and anyone who can answer questions. On a Tuesday night, when most families are eating supper with their children, 17 teams are playing Geeks Who Drink pub trivia. The quiz consists of eight rounds and teams can be no bigger than six people. Questions are read aloud and air all over the bar. These questions can range anywhere from 80’s TV Shows to lipstick lesbians. (So please note that while Opal Divines is generally a family-friendly establishment, the quiz is not. If you are sitting with a child, the quiz masters ask them to alert their server. Who knows what they do with those children?)

Geeks Who Drink is not for the faint at heart. It is competitive and includes bonus questions at the end of select rounds, where contestants and geeks alike can attempt to win a free pint of beer. This challenge basically comes down to who can write the fastest. The quiz masters also use audio rounds– which is always fun to try to hear in a noisy bar.

So why strain your ear and possibly your dignity just to come out for such a nerdy night? The prizes. Prizes include: discounts off your bar tab, free beers and a random prize (like an air freshener that says “My cat is the only one that understands me”). Also, Tuesdays are Pint Night–where you can get delicious tasty beers for under $3.25. If you arrive between 4 and 7pm (quiz starts at 8pm), you’ll hit their Happy Hour which has the ever-so-dangerous Prickly Pear Margarita for a mere $3. (Editor’s note: whaaaaaaaaat???!)

The teams last night ranged from dedicated Geeks who come every week to random people who just happened to be there on a Tuesday night. One gentleman I spoke with was so serious about the quiz that he did not want to talk to me, for fear that he would miss the scoring of the teams. The same gentleman also declined to have his picture taken. (Editor’s note: I hate him.) But do not fear! Many other Geeks proved to be much more social and friendly. Joseph, who was sitting by himself, kindly accepted my offer to join our team. This new found friendship proved to be most satisfying, as he ended up being a Historian with a lot of right answers (bonus!).

I must also put in a brief mention of the food, because it is…tasty. Whether you are in the mood for a side of fires with an array of dipping sauces or some pub style fish and chips, Opal’s has the menu that will satisfy all your pub needs. Since the actual bar has a plethora of seating, I recommend outdoor patio seating in Matt’s section. This lovely mohawked bartender knows how to pour a drink and give it to you in a timely manner. Just one Tuesday at Opal’s will show you why the locals flock here. Regardless if you are a geek or chic, nest up at Opal’s for Geeks Who Drink night. At the very least, you will find entertainment in the competition. You’ll laugh at the off-hand questions asked in such a sultry voice and you’ll find solace in a pint from this hot Texas heat.

By: Tanya Munoz