Welcome Pass — A Panoramic Perch along the North Cascades

Heading due east out of Bellingham, Washington is one of the most amazing scenic byways in the country — Washington State Route 542, affectionately known as the Mt. Baker Highway.  This two-lane thoroughfare undulates and meanders its way some 57-miles into the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest before ending at the Mt. Baker ski area parking lot.  The twists, turns, ups, and downs of the road allow brief glimpses of the snow covered 10,778 foot escarpment of Mt. Baker and its accompanying glaciers.  However, just when you are beginning to become awestruck by the majesty of this monolith, the road doglegs amongst the foothills and the pine forests and the view becomes obstructed. Continue reading

Lake Washington, anyone?

It’s no mystery to most that the Northwest United States is one of the most beautiful places-period. It can actually be rather overwhelming to visit the area. There are so many great ways to experience the landscape and culture, however, Lake Washington is a must. You might just be going for a swim, or maybe you’ll be sailing (like I did), but either way, this is a must. Lake Washington is, hands down, one of the most gorgeous places in the USA. The lush, green hills cushion in this lake so that, despite the fact that there is a major city to your west, you still feel enveloped by the quiet-and, of course, the beauty. And hey, if you’re into collecting cool rocks- I filled a jar with them the day I sailed Lake Washington. Everything about this place is magnificent and you’re severely missing out if you visit the Seattle area without making time for this lake.

Highway 101

One of the single most gorgeous experiences I have had in America was driving down Highway 101 during the summer. My adventure down the highway began almost as a fluke. I had never heard of how beautiful this drive was from anyone before. Instead, I just SAW a road on the map that went down from Washington to California along the coast and I thought, ‘what the hell, why not?’. This drive is exhilarating. Anyone even remotely interested in doing something breath taking for a few days needs to do this. Drive slowly through northern Oregon. Give yourself time to pull over at viewing spots and take pictures. And pick flowers like I did.

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