New York City: A Video

By: Dave Pinke

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Roseangela Spa: A Brazilian Wax Done Right in NYC

Want a Brazilian Wax done right? Then have a Brazilian do it. Have a Brazilian in NYC do it. Have a Brazilian in NYC named Roseangela do it—or anyone else at her spa on the Upper East Side. All of the employees at Roseangela Spa know what Roseangela knows… but I don’t know what that is. Some holistic beauty treatment secret passed on from Brazilian ancestors if I had to guess.

I buzzed the door and climbed the stairs that led to Roseangela Spa for a couple of treatments before darting out of NYC for the summer. I had scheduled a facial, but Roseangela convinced me with her motherly wisdom and charming accent to try what she’s known best for: the Brazilian wax. Although I’d never ventured down this particular path of female hygiene, it was hard to decline the offer. In fact, I was kind of flattered by her offer (is that so wrong?). Indisputably painful (if you ask me), the spa did what it could to mellow the harsh of the burning wax and ripping removal. They sedated me with wine while simultaneously offering me tea, water, fresh fruit, cookies, and chocolate. I hear these offerings are common in the late afternoon and early evening. The wine helped me to clench my fists a little less tightly and the end result was… smooth. Is that too much information? Did I just tell you something you wish you hadn’t known? Feel free to start this article over and skip this paragraph you just read if so. We’ll pretend it never happened. WHAT NEVER HAPPENED?!?

I went back to Roseangela a week later to get my eyebrows shaped. Fundamentally, I was disinterested in this treatment. I have nice eyebrows. They’re naturally shaped the way I want them to be shaped and with every less fortunate woman I’ve met, I’ve learned to acknowledge my eyebrows as a pleasantry—a part of my face I need not deal with. I feared this undergoing would leave me walking out of the spa with hairline thin eyebrows I’d need to fill in with pencil. I feared I’d never find quite the right color of eyebrow pencil and would be snickered at on the sidewalks of New York. “Did you see that girl? Her face reminds me of the doll I scribbled all over in grade school”, they’d say. They’d be gorgeous models who hadn’t ever fucked with their naturally perfect eyebrows. Luckily, my fears weren’t realized. In fact, the only real change made to my eyebrows was an improvement: the shape of each eyebrow was more accurately matched to the other. There would be no need to scour store shelves for eyebrow pencil.

All in all, I can’t say a bad word about this place. I can only say good words.

Roseangela is the place to go, especially for a wax, especially for a sexy Brazilian wax, while in NYC.

By: Elizabeth Seward

Prospect Park: Summer Concert Series

We checked out Metric at Prospect Park the other night as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn Summer Concert Series.

Most concerts are free or have a suggested donation of $3 or so (like Metric did).

It’s worth the trade-off for a concert in a park as overgrown as NYC parks get where you can grab a slice of Two Boots Pizza, some wine or beer, and camp out on your own little blanket with your own little friends in your own little peaceful place, buried in the heart of Brooklyn.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photo By: Ben Britz

Caffe Reggio: Italian Cafe in the West Village

Café Reggio is a hidden gem tucked away amid all the shit on MacDougal and W. 3rd in the West Village. It’s a little run down from the outside, but that’s just because the place hasn’t changed in a hundred years (not hyperbole). Inside, you are greeted by the sights and smells and the unmistakable ambience of Old Europe. The décor is gaudy, dark, cluttered, like walking into the drawing room of an old Italian Lord. From their website:

“A dramatic 16th century painting from the school of Caravaggio and an antique bench which once belonged to the Medici family bearing the Florentine crest of the illustrious Medici family are among the works that impart a feeling of grace and warmth to Caffe Reggio.”

But their real claim to fame is their “magnificent espresso machine”, which they say produced the first cappuccinos in the USA. I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but whether or not they were the first who introduced Amuhricans to their Europe’s fine coffee drinks, they are still providing them to us. The original espresso machine is still there, but it is just a relic now. Some younger, sleeker, faster model has replaced it, and so it goes.

Once you walk inside, the paintings, the classical music, and the unmistakable smell of European coffee bring you back to a simpler time when philosophies were discussed over espresso rather than on comment streams on YouTube. They have a lite fare, very affordable, and perfectly proportioned. These sandwiches, soups, panini et al are a far cry from your normal mammoth-overstuffed-giant portions-reason-we’re-so-fat American fare and are daintily, pleasurably, European. They have some great selections, including the Milano, a panino with asparagus, fontina, and tomatoes; or the Tre, with avocado, swiss, lettuce, and tomatoes. And of course, the coffee is excellent.

By: Ben Britz

L’asso Pizza: Great Italian Pizza in NYC

We didn’t take any pictures (too damn hungry), but we went to L’asso Pizza in NYC last night. Ben’s now on a gluten-free diet and they accommodated him fully with a delicious gluten-free pizza and gluten-free beer. I had the Snow White. Delicious. Friends with us were raving equally about their pizza choices and our waiter was awesome–wearing hot pink pants with little whales all over them no less. Great spot to have upscale pizza. Write L’asso down on a little note and stick it in your wallet for safekeeping until you’re in NYC next looking for delicious pizza that stands out from the every-corner-pizza-by-the-slice pizza.

By:  Elizabeth Seward, No Photos By:  Ben Britz

New York Antique Store Announces Concert Series

Here at The Anti Tourist, we don’t regularly publish press releases. In fact, below is our first. We also don’t regularly publish stuff about upcoming events. In fact, below is our first time doing that, too. But a trustworthy friend gave us the heads up about this antique store-turned music venue in upstate New York and we couldn’t resist. We want you to know about this cool and pretty damn secret vintage shop accompanied by live music. We want you to know before it’s all over. So. Here you go. The formal press release below says it all. Do this!

Homer & Langley’s Mystery Spot Antiques, the Catskills’ most eclectic, coolest, if-you-are-looking-for-it-its-probably-there vintage shop has now confirmed its August porch music schedule. The month will kick off with performances by Ida and The Naysayer on Sunday, August 1 at 1pm. As with each show this concert is FREE and organized through complete DIY/grassroots efforts, and anyone is welcome to attend.

The following week (August 8 ) Holly Miranda will play at 2pm and on August 15 The Mystery Spot will welcome Jonathan and Grasshopper (Mercury Rev) AND Dean and Britta. The four are being mysterious as to their set’s arrangement so come see for yourself just how they are going to mix it up. The show starts at 1pm. August’s lineup of shows concludes on August 22 with Uncle Monk (Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan) scheduled to perform at 2pm.

Music For Front Porches’ September and October schedule will be announced soon!

The Mystery Spot is located at 72 Main Street in the picturesque, happening hamlet of Phoenicia, NY, with the majestic Catskill Mountains as a backdrop. Phoenicia is located 2.5 hours from NYC.

This is Music For Front Porches’ second season. It is curated by former music photographer and Mystery Spot proprietress Laura Levine and in the first season (2009) her front porch hosted, among others, Laura Cantrell, Life in a Blender, Uncle Monk, Gail Ann Dorsey (Bowie) and Ambrosia Parsley (Shivaree). Fans have come from near and far to see their favorite recording artists in an intimate and casual setting.

Mystery Spot Antiques – which opened for the season on Memorial Day Weekend – is the kind of vintage store you didn’t think existed anymore. Named for the Collyer Brothers, it’s part museum/part odditorium, with every nook and cranny of its seven rooms in an 1800’s former hotel packed with 100% vintage goodness. Don’t take our word: Country Living Magazine described it as ” a love-at-first-sight wonderland of oddball collectibles, vintage clothing, and objects d’art.”

And music lovers take note: every week Levine brings in fresh stacks of vintage vinyl dug out of a recently purchased estate collection of over 15,000 used records, and armfuls of killer estate-fresh vintage clothing. Even when the shop is not open, customers are welcome to dig through the dollar record bins and famous Yard Sale in a Box on the front porch, with an honor box/money drop at your service.

Laura Levine’s resume is as varied as her store’s inventory. She is a renowned music photographer whose work was recently exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum (Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present). Her documentary films have screened at numerous festivals and museums, including the Sundance Film Festival. As an illustrator she has created three children’s books and countless commissions for magazines, books and CD covers, and as a painter her work is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of International Folk Art, The House of Blues, and the Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome.

Photo By: Laura Levine