Roseangela Spa: A Brazilian Wax Done Right in NYC

Want a Brazilian Wax done right? Then have a Brazilian do it. Have a Brazilian in NYC do it. Have a Brazilian in NYC named Roseangela do it—or anyone else at her spa on the Upper East Side. All of the employees at Roseangela Spa know what Roseangela knows… but I don’t know what that is. Some holistic beauty treatment secret passed on from Brazilian ancestors if I had to guess.

I buzzed the door and climbed the stairs that led to Roseangela Spa for a couple of treatments before darting out of NYC for the summer. I had scheduled a facial, but Roseangela convinced me with her motherly wisdom and charming accent to try what she’s known best for: the Brazilian wax. Although I’d never ventured down this particular path of female hygiene, it was hard to decline the offer. In fact, I was kind of flattered by her offer (is that so wrong?). Indisputably painful (if you ask me), the spa did what it could to mellow the harsh of the burning wax and ripping removal. They sedated me with wine while simultaneously offering me tea, water, fresh fruit, cookies, and chocolate. I hear these offerings are common in the late afternoon and early evening. The wine helped me to clench my fists a little less tightly and the end result was… smooth. Is that too much information? Did I just tell you something you wish you hadn’t known? Feel free to start this article over and skip this paragraph you just read if so. We’ll pretend it never happened. WHAT NEVER HAPPENED?!?

I went back to Roseangela a week later to get my eyebrows shaped. Fundamentally, I was disinterested in this treatment. I have nice eyebrows. They’re naturally shaped the way I want them to be shaped and with every less fortunate woman I’ve met, I’ve learned to acknowledge my eyebrows as a pleasantry—a part of my face I need not deal with. I feared this undergoing would leave me walking out of the spa with hairline thin eyebrows I’d need to fill in with pencil. I feared I’d never find quite the right color of eyebrow pencil and would be snickered at on the sidewalks of New York. “Did you see that girl? Her face reminds me of the doll I scribbled all over in grade school”, they’d say. They’d be gorgeous models who hadn’t ever fucked with their naturally perfect eyebrows. Luckily, my fears weren’t realized. In fact, the only real change made to my eyebrows was an improvement: the shape of each eyebrow was more accurately matched to the other. There would be no need to scour store shelves for eyebrow pencil.

All in all, I can’t say a bad word about this place. I can only say good words.

Roseangela is the place to go, especially for a wax, especially for a sexy Brazilian wax, while in NYC.

By: Elizabeth Seward

Prospect Park: Summer Concert Series

We checked out Metric at Prospect Park the other night as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn Summer Concert Series.

Most concerts are free or have a suggested donation of $3 or so (like Metric did).

It’s worth the trade-off for a concert in a park as overgrown as NYC parks get where you can grab a slice of Two Boots Pizza, some wine or beer, and camp out on your own little blanket with your own little friends in your own little peaceful place, buried in the heart of Brooklyn.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photo By: Ben Britz