Video of South Florida

By: Dave Pinke

Pavilion Key: My Place

Do you have a place that you’ve visited that you go to in your mind during stressful or trying times? Perhaps it’s a mountain top perch giving way to a glorious snow-capped vista or a watercolor sunset along a white sand beach or maybe it’s even a place that harkens back to your childhood when things seemed much simpler. I am certain you can think of that place for you. No matter where it is or if anyone else has even heard of it, it is your place where for a few moments you find peace. You close your eyes and for a fleeting second you swear you can smell the bouquet of the old-growth pine forest or feel the sea-breeze as it gently caresses your face. Your place is just as you remember it. It hasn’t changed a bit since you last visited. And you want to freeze that moment and bask in its serene rays indefinitely. But, alas, you cannot.

My place is a small island off the Gulf Coast of Florida’s Everglades, called Pavilion Key. Continue reading