A Perfect Day and Night in Arkansas

When I found myself in Ashdown, Arkansas, I caught myself looking for ‘downtown’ when I was already in it. Quintessentially a south-western small town, Ashdown is comprised of very little more than a few stores and other places of business. While you might think you’ve landed yourself in a ghosttown, think again. Follow my steps and you’ll score yourself a day and night to remember in and around Ashdown, Arkansas.

Step 1: Scout down the 360 theater. It isn’t hard to find, really. It’s one of the only things in this town. This haunting theater isn’t nearly as neat from the outside looking in as you’ll find it is once you enter. The front doors lead you to an Elvis-inspired lobby, and this is where I had my first corn dog. Even if corn dogs aren’t your thing; have one here. You’ll understand what I mean when the time comes–but it’s simply fitting. The theater hosts an array of concerts, so check their calendar before you go. Tickets come cheap and no matter who is playing, it’ll be worth the purchase just to sit in that old, eerie theater and experience music with some of the best acoustics I’ve ever heard.

Step 2: Drive down the highway and camp. I pitched a tent on the lake at Millwood State Park camping grounds and awoke to some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in this section of the country. Millwood Lake is absolute serenity. With hardly anyone trickling through this campground, you’ll feel as though you’ve just rented gorgeous property all for yourself. It’s cheap for a spot and you’ll happily bask in the Arkansas sunshine while reading, fishing, hiking, or whatever once you’ve settled yourself in.

Photo from: flickr.com/photos/ 22591814@N08/2978222915 and http://flickr.com/photos/88218996@N00/260305373 and http://www.myspace.com/tagart89