“Candy Man”

Though I do not know who “Candy Man” is, I must say I’m intrigued by his lifestyle.

While traveling north on I-65 through Alabama, about two hours south of Montgomery, a small roadside shack caught my eye, and I decided to take exit 54 to investigate. It was late afternoon and the sun was beautifully golden. And alongside the shack was a clothesline with two articles of clothing appearing to be inherently tethered and worn, presumably there for many a year. This is what drew me to this place- moments lost in time are one of the most mesmerizing and inspiring things for me.

It was not exactly a “road” that led the way to this shack. And once on this dirty trail, per se, I came across two other small, abandoned homes, and a third home before the one that originally caught my eye. Once I came to the third home, a family of 7 or 8 stood outside, probably wondering what in the world I was doing on this dead end- essentially in the middle of nowhere. I stopped and asked if the last home was abandoned and they informed me that an old man named “Candy Man” lived there. They knew little about the man, as they saw him rarely, but they did tell me that he had lived there “forever” and had no running water or electricity- that he used to rent the property from a man, but that man had since passed away, and Candy Man remains rent-free in this raggedy beauty. Continue reading

Mobile, Alabama

My grandparents lived in Alabama growing up. We road-tripped there often and so naturally, by the time I was 15, I had decided that Alabama was, in fact, a 3rd world country-and not a state at all. It only figures that my pretentious mouth would kick me in the ass years later when I stopped into Mobile, Alabama for an impromptu show when another one canceled last minute. I had no clue how freakin’ rock ‘n’ roll this town can be. But you have to be in the right places. There are pretty much TWO right places..but between the two of them, you’ll be partying up a storm for a night and loving Alabama way more than you ever would think you would. Continue reading