Bats in Melbourne

The bike/jogging path that stretches from Brunswick East south towards Abbotsford was made for the late afternoon. The path follows the gulch formed by Merri Creek and is a true escape from the city overhead. Going south, it passes under several bridges brightened by colorful graffiti, as well as the rippling reflection of water on their undersides.

Past Dights Falls (where you can park your bike, take off your shoes, and walk across the ridge of one of the man-made falls) the path winds through the children’s farm and past the pay-what-you-like restaurant Lentil As Anything. Farther down is Yarra Bend Park, where a colony of tens of thousands of huge fruit bats hang from the trees. At sunset, the action begins as they wake up and start heading off into the night.

(Editor’s Note: See those things that look like leaves in the picture above? Yeah. They’re bats.)

By: Sarah Landau