Here at The Anti Tourist, we explore. We explore all the time. We pick up little things here and there from our travels and out of the goodness of our collective hearts, we’ve decided to give you a chance to get shipped a big ol’ box of treasures we find along the way the first of each month. We’ve gathered some neat stuff in our most recent travels, put it together to form a sweet care package, and want to give the care package it to one of y’all.

HOW TO ENTER: Pay attention, this part is important. To enter this month’s contest, simply comment on this post with your personal definition of ‘the anti tourist’. What does it mean to be an anti tourist? Tell us what you think. The person with the answer we like best, or maybe the answer everyone else tells us is best, will win. NOTE: You’ll have to provide us with your address if you win. Otherwise, well, you know, we won’t be able to send you the prize. Contest ends at NOON on Thursday, Sept. 2


Printed-by-hand tote bag sporting The Anti Tourist logo

Handmade Rosemary Mint soap from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

An individually wrapped Blonde Sweetie from Sugardaddy’s

Cup O Joe coffee beans:  Ethiopia Moka Harrar

A box of chocolates from Pure Imagination Chocolatier

Assorted art-heavy postcards found in NYC

Homemade spelt crackers from Stutzman Farms

A classical electric guitar cd bought from subway musician, Matthew Nichols

A gift bag from Faina European Spa in NYC including a Shira Omega 3 Nourishing face mask and a soothing gel mask with plant extracts

Herbal Surrender Hand & Body lotion from Ohio Herb Education Center

Abita Beer koozie from Bonnaroo, held in Manchester, Tennessee. (Elizabeth loves Purple Haze)

YOU WANT? You should want. Enter! Comment! Tell us what it means to be THE ANTI TOURIST!


  1. An anti-tourist is someone who travels off the beaten path, seeks out The Real [Insert City Name Here] and wants to hang with locals, not tourists. An anti-tourist discovers places, people and cultures that are unique and uncommon, and not written about by Rick Steves or Arthur Frommer. An anti-tourist has just as much fun exploring a new neighborhood 10 miles away as she would a place 10 hours from home. While common tourists follow the road, the anti-tourist makes the road.

  2. Finding experiences and people that tender and grow what ever it is that makes you, you. An Anti-tourist doesn’t take the “finds” and good times for granted.
    While at times they follow the advice of the locals they surpass the native knowledge and understanding while working towards a global appreciation of all of the Earth’s life, characteristics, and beauty.

  3. Wow. I was going to comment, but k.dero (1st comment) articulates so well, my words would be redundant. Perfect description of an anti-tourist! *applaud-applaud* I will add but one word, my favorite word: serendipity. The anti-tourist explores with a nature open to serendipity. Peace-out…Doe*Eyez

  4. The Anti Tourist [th uh an-tee toor-ist]

    1. Someone who looks for real experiences, not prepackaged adventures.
    2.A person or people who likes to experience life in new and unique ways by searching out attractions and sights often overlooked by the average sightseer.
    3.A vacationist who looks to experience their surroundings as if they were a native.

  5. A. Always ready for an Adventure , have a bag
    At the ready.

    N. Naturally curious

    T. Walk , drive , fly, swim…. go boldly where
    others fear but always leave others a Trail
    with snippets so others will want to Traverse

    I. Be Inquisitive , Inquire about those places
    others just talk and talk about, Investigate

    T. To go To learn To push the envelope and find
    Treasure that is hidden just off the Highways
    edge or around the bend….or at that fork
    in the road….

    O. Obtain information from many sources so that
    journey can be majikal

    U. Sometimes Useless information can open a door
    to a Unusual place to visit….

    I. Information and discovery can be as close as
    your front door or miles away….

    S. Be a Seeker , push the envelope and Soar….

    T. I like to Travel the “Blue Highways” but
    sometimes go to the cities and explorer
    a it’s underbelly ,its amazing what you will
    uncover , new Tastes , new Treasures….

    23129 Goose Creek Road South Bloomingville Ohio 43152

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