Cascade Drive-In Movie Theater: West Chicago, Illinois

I was in Chicago. I wanted to go to the movies. Passively–that’s how I wanted to go. I knew, somewhere in the back of my head, that I’d like to, well, maybe like to, see that new Twilight movie. You know. For shits and giggles. But I wasn’t going to go hunting down a movie theater when there was so much more to do in the big city. And so I didn’t hunt one down. It kind of fell in my lap.

“You guys wanna go to the movies tonight?” my friend, Kevin, asked Ben Britz and me. Kevin had pulled up the website for the Cascade Drive-In Movie Theater. It flashed on the computer screen in the studio basement of his office in Wicker Park.

“It’ll take 45 minutes to get there” he told us. And the movie started in 55 minutes. Hurriedly, we jumped in the car, grabbed some things at our apartment, and headed out toward the suburbs, West Chicago to be exact, guided by the iPhone’s NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE but still handy GPS app.

We arrived a few minutes into the DOUBLE feature’s first film, Inception. We paid $9 each for two movies and the ability to sit in our own damn car and do our own damn thing while we watched the movies. Infer what you wish. We talked through the movies without care and heard every line at top volume with a simple accurate tuning of our radio–88.5.

The night was perfect. It was summer. It was periwinkle, subtly backlit by the city’s faraway glow but alive with the twinkling white dots of a star-blanketed sky. The temperature was perfect enough for the couple that belonged to the straight ahead car–they were sitting on the car’s hood, arm in arm. The screen was massive enough that their silhouettes didn’t block our view.

All in all, I promise you this, traveling to the suburbs was never before such a good idea.

By: Elizabeth Seward, Photos By: Ben Britz

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