Interested in free stuff?

We travel a lot. You should travel a lot, too. But… we know how it goes. Traveling takes money. And time. Well, if you have the time, we may be able to cover you on the other end. We’re considering launching an ongoing contest series. A free meal here, a free hotel room there. A free set of passes here, a free full vacation there. But before we start putting all of the elbow grease into organizing contests like these, we want to know you’re interested. So if you’re interested, let us know by commenting on or liking this post



4 thoughts on “Interested in free stuff?

  1. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy taking day trips to anywhere that we can find. We both enjoy photography, and we each have a camera when we take our day trips, and when we return from our quick trip, it is interesting to see how each of us perceived our day through our camera lens……We also take a few camping trips per year. We basically just camp instead of paying unreasonable amounts to stay in a filthy hotel room. I would much rather sleep in ground dirt than a room that 1,000’s of people have slept in…..As far as giveaways go, I would love to have a chance to win something that would help with any part of one of our trips. Maybe something that could inspire someone while they’re on a trip (books, magazines, binoculars, a small sketchpad)

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