Sunset in Marietta, Ohio

Appalachian culture is unique, unlike any other culture in the world. I grew up in the countryside within and around the Appalachians; it is beautiful, and the natural beauty is reflected in the culture of the people who live here.

Marietta, Ohio is where I grew up. A beautiful town through and through, there’s one especially perfect place to watch the sun set in this town. Although it might irritate my friends from back home that I’m in the business of disclosing information about spots that might otherwise be secret, I’m going to tell you the best place to watch the sun set anyhow.

It’s called the Stanleyville Church—at least as far as I know. That’s what everyone in Marietta calls it. If you can actually find it using Google, or by asking kind passers-by, then you deserve the view.

The colors are vivid, thick and contrasting; the sky and clouds light up bright orange against the deep blue green of the surrounding hills; acres of farmland cut into the forests complete with red barns and ancient wooden fences roll with the hills. Behind you as you watch is a decrepit old church and graveyard. The sunset light reflects off some of the newer stones.

By: Elizabeth Seward & Ben Britz


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