Wisconsin Tornadoes: Forming as we drive

Ever seen a *roll* cloud? They’re pretty scary. They happen often before nasty tornadoes. Especially in eastern Wisconsin.

There were tornadoes today from this cloud that blew some semis off the highway. Good thing we were.. in an SUV? And safe?

And good thing TAT editor, Ben Britz, was driving. I would have flipped out driving under this thing.

By: Elizabeth Seward


3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Tornadoes: Forming as we drive

  1. Without seeing the full horizon it is hard to tell, however, how the cloud has “feathered” look shows rotation in the cloud. walls tend to lower and form a cylindrical base. if this is a full cloud from one point of the horizon to the other then you may just have a supercell. still severely dangerous.

  2. after more speculation, I think I’ve decided this was definitely a roll cloud. rare! awesome! dangerous!

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