NYC Spas – Faina European Spa

Faina European Spa is named after a Russian woman named Faina. It’s her spa. Go figure. Well-versed in the art of pampering, this lady has put together quite the impressive sprawl on 57th street. Tucked away on the 2nd floor of a predictably glossy building just beneath Central Park’s west side entrance, Faina spa offers hedonists all the fixin’s—especially for those hedonists arm in arm with a lover. Perhaps best known for couples treatments, Faina does romance right. We’re talking champagne scrubs, flower petals, and some post-spa getting lucky time. (Note:  The “getting lucky time” will have to happen on your own time and, yes, as lovely as their spa is, on your own turf).

I stopped at the spa a few weeks ago for a revitalizing lavender sea salt full body scrub, and then a nice and hot steam in the adjacent shower. I followed that up with a massage that put me to sleep like a just-fed baby. And I mean that in the best way possible. Who doesn’t want to wake up with soft muscles in a room that smells like an orchard and is backlit by flickering candles?

I chose the spot pretty randomly. That’s how I like to choose most of my adventures. Turn Left. Turn Right. Turn Right. Go Straight. Get in that elevator. Open that door. Or, you know, something along those lines. And I’m happy I stumbled, more or less, into Faina.

Expect a 100% professional spa so clean you could eat off the floor with body scrubs and oils so delicious sounding that you just might do that.

I mean, umm, that’s gross. And you might die. So don’t do that. But go get your back rubbed.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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