ASIA Bed and Spa – Asheville, NC

It’s not everyday you find a bed and breakfast that is also a spa. ASIA Bed & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina manages to successfully be both of these things. The thing about B&B’s is that you’re entering someone’s home—and you’re staying the night there,  luxuriating, stretching out on the beds, peering out the windows, and sitting on the porch. You need to make yourself completely at home, first and foremost, for the bed and breakfast to prevail. ASIA, though, blows mere prevailing out of the water and goes straight to “exceeds expectations”.

The Java Suite at ASIA Bed & Spa is the room I called home while visiting Asheville. The ceiling is bamboo, and vaguely Asian accents like this give the whole place an exotic feel while still remaining comfortingly homey. Bamboo curtains hide the sunlight which will fill your room corner to corner during summer afternoons. Intricately sewn fabrics hang from the walls and delicately carved wood frames a mirror that runs horizontally across the two person Jacuzzi—which sits at the foot of the king size bed.

The wood carving and threaded patterns come together for the bed’s headboard, which is made of a little bit of both.  A (gas) fireplace sections off a corner of the suite as the sitting and working area. The bathroom’s shower is enclosed with transparent glass walls and a stream of turquoise, white, brown, and clay red tiles snakes its way from the shower wall onto the shower floor, across the bathroom floor and it climbs up the opposing wall (a small detail I plan on recreating in my own home eventually).

Tom Dredge is not the inn owner, but he is certainly the innkeeper. Formerly owner of a bed and breakfast in Hawaii, he came to settle in Asheville and felt at home with ASIA (A Spa-Inn Asheville). He explains the amenities of the inn room by room (and room theme by room theme) in enough detail that we don’t need to ask any further questions. He does us completely unnecessary and in no way expected favors like highlight on a map of Asheville where we should dine, leave breakfast out late so we can sleep in, and even throw a load of our post-Bonnaroo laundry in for us. We really owe him for that one.

The sauna out back is first-come, first-served, as is the steam shower downstairs. A homemade well-water shower hangs outside the sauna, which is built next to the on-site massage room. A sun room stretches along the street side of the inn, but all you see are flowers and leaves of lively trees. All you hear are birds. The postman says hello and wishes you a good day while you’re eating Tom’s breakfast:

Frittata filled with cherry tomatoes, Gouda, and perhaps a million other awesome ingredients that make it so delicious; and homemade honey yogurt mix, cherry orange bread, fruit, coffee, tea, and juice make breakfast the best part of the day at ASIA.

To say ASIA Bed and Spa is the perfect relaxation getaway is somehow not saying enough. Asheville is a small town with big city flavor and astonishing wilderness. And ASIA, decorated by Tom (who is actually a talented spatial designer, which really comes through in the grace and beauty of the place) and with a spa to boot, is the dream house you’ve always wanted. This inn gets a gold star for doing everything an inn should do (and a lot more). Nothing can help you so completely forget the trials and tribulations of the City like unwinding by candlelight in a jacuzzi tub you don’t even have to leave your bedroom for.

Story By: Elizabeth Seward

Photos by: Ben Britz


5 thoughts on “ASIA Bed and Spa – Asheville, NC

  1. We aren’t sure if Tom Dredge is no longer at Asia as he states, but we received this email from him regarding problems we encountered with our stay (couples massage while being eaten alive by mosquitos and lost/missing earrings) and Carol (said would reimburse for the massages – $250 – but then cancelled the refund check after we complained to the BBB) in 2008. As it is quite unprofessional, this email does not look good for Asia whether he is retired or not.

    From: “”
    Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4:23 AM
    Subject: Tom Former Innkeeper

    I’ve now retired, have no connection with Asia Bed & Spa, Carol Ann has sold the business to a new owner as of January 2010 and I’ve borne this misgiving since you attempted to dupe my work establishment and defame me. If kharma has not bitten you in the ass yet, prepare yourself… I want to tee off on you both, no need, when you wallow in filth you know how dirty you are. Good bye and keep checking over your shoulder! What can I say ..Kharma?

    Still Tom

    1. TITLE: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff (Shaft!)!

      To this day, the Humphries are/were the only complaint during my tenure at Asia Bed & Spa. In my opinion, they make their living or at least pay for their vacation trips by duping various establishments with false claims (earrings, in this case) for the result of reimbursement. It’s sad for me to have my passion in life (giving my time, heart and soul to make others feel welcomed, pampered and to some extent, loved) scuttled by false claims.
      Hey Steph, my record speaks volumes, google me.
      Tom Dredge, Kauai, San Diego, State College, Asheville

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