What do you do in Milwaukee? The Miller Beer Brewery Tour!

After driving past this building every time I visit my grandparents in Milwaukee, we decided to finally visit the place.

Miller! I’m not a HUGE fan of the beer, but it does the trick, and the brewery tour is pretty interesting.

We went on a Monday, so production was in full swing.

The stockroom was much, much bigger than could be in one picture. Suffice to say, they replace the entire stock every day and that comes out to 500,000 cases of beer produced and shipped every day. They need a bigger word than “macro” brewery to describe this. It’s a “mundo” brewery, if you can say that.

Then we met the ghost of the original Mr. Miller himself! It was more silly than scary though.

Then they gave us a lot of free beer–precisely what we had in mind! That was our plan the whole time.

I love it when a plan comes together.

It was definitely worth a visit. It’s a good way–the best way!–to spend a Monday morning in Wisconsin.

MMMmmm. Whatever gets you through the day.

Photos and text by: Keith Pennington


2 thoughts on “What do you do in Milwaukee? The Miller Beer Brewery Tour!

  1. Miller is an alright brewery tour. But Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery Tour takes the cake. Last time I was there it was 6 bucks for 5 beers and a pint glass to take home. As well as a coupon for a free beer at a local tavern. Plus if you go in the late afternoon your tour guides are often drunk! Which makes it much more interesting.

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