India In Photos 4

This picture reminds me of being young and staying up really late and getting bummed when the theme song for M*A*S*H came on. You knew there was nothing left on TV to watch when you heard that song…and it meant you had no choice but to go to sleep. This was overlooking rolling hills of tea plantations on the ride from Kumily to Kottayam. From Kottayam I took the commuter ferry to Alapuzzha. The 2+ hour boat ride costs about 12 rupees (25 cents?). If I had more time (or wouldn’t feel creepy doing it by myself), I would’ve rented a house boat to cruise the backwaters of Kerala, but for the quick and dirty backwater experience, the commuter ferry was awesome. I think I was reading “confederacy of dunces” at that point.

After a quick dip in the Indian ocean and a night in Alapuzzha, I took the bus up back up to Kochi to explore Fort Kochi and Jew Town. Unfortunately, my scheduling was sub-par and I ended up in Jew Town on a Saturday so I wasn’t able to actually get into the 500 year old synagogue. I was a bit heartbroken. But I really enjoyed Jew Town. I picked up a small bronze statue of Shiva and got schooled on Tibetan singing bowls by a beautiful Indian woman. This shot shows just outside the synagogue as the winding streets lined with vendors eventually lead north towards Fort Kochi.

The rocky shore to the north of Fort Kochi are most famous for their ancient Chinese fishing nets. One of the really cool things is that you can buy fresh fish and have it cooked for a small fee by the fish mongers. (They’re really called fish mongers). If buying a kilo of fresh tiger prawns for $6 USD doesn’t tickle your fancy, then having a fish monger frying it up had better stir something in your loins. But among all that chaos, it’s also nice to just take a stroll along the water and watch a canoe float by.

By: Will Noon

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