India In Photos 2

If only I had been able to snap a photo of the guy carrying 75 dead chickens on his bike. No joke, 75 minimum. It was like a giant pile of chickens with a dude sticking out the stop slowly gliding down the street. This was on the way out of Peddapuram. One of the most amazing aspects of India, or rather of the Indian people, is how they get things done. Family of 5 in the US = minivan (or giant SUV), family of 5 in India = motorcycle. (I don’t mean they share it, I mean all 5 of them are on it at once). How many people can you fit in a jeep? My trekking buddy from San Francisco was 1 of 22. There are people on the train who fix broken zippers on luggage. Indians are pretty bad ass. They just get it done.

Case in point. When you need to move 8 billion pounds of hay, you don’t make multiple trips. you just get it done.

When people tell you there are cows everywhere, it doesn’t really sink in until you get there. And then a week goes by and you don’t even realize that you’ve become accustomed to it. Everywhere. Hanging out snacking on some garbage. Sitting in the shade on the side of the road. Walking aimlessly through insane traffic without the faintest hint of fear or even concern.

By: Will Noon


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