India In Photos

Will Noon, a new contributor to The Anti Tourist, went to India recently. His pictures and their helpful captions will be published on the site this week. Starting…right now.

This was the street scene outside the lunch spot on day one in Kolkatta. It was the first chance I got to actually slow down and take it in. That unique mixture of nerves and excitement always makes the start of a journey feel so inspiring.

After getting settled in at the hotel in Visakhapatnam (or vizag), I was coming down the stairwell when I passed by a window and the city scape caught my eye. It was probably the purple building that did it, but the whole scene just looked so in place, as opposed to myself who was out of place, that I wanted to document it.

We spent some time at the St. Joseph’s school where we met some amazing children. I’m not exactly sure what was captivating them at this moment, but my guess is the antics of some goofy white kids. Keshor towards the front was awesome. He was a skilled and patient translator.

Photos By: Will Noon


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