4 thoughts on “Colorful Dwellings of Ojinaga, Mexico

  1. Ashley, you make your Mom very proud!!!

    Wonderful photo, but………wouldn’t expect anything else from you!!! You never seize to amaze me!!

    Love MoM

  2. Hi Ashley, I would like to know if possible on what street was this picture taken. It looks like my grandmother’s house. I havn’t been to Ojinaga in over 25 years but I can still remember what it used to look like when I was young. Of course it is run down now but there was a time when it was beautiful. Can you let me know if you recall the street? Thanks

    1. Hi Leticia! Thank you so much for contacting me regarding this photo… I find it so intriguing that your grandmother may’ve once lived in this home I photographed. Sadly, I don’t recall precisely where the photo was taken as it was my first and only trip to Ojinaga. I found many of the dwellings to be colorful and beautiful. This one stood out to me. It would’ve been near the center of town where we parked and wandered for a while. I wish I could offer more details, but in my mind, I also like to think it was your grandmother’s home. Best wishes.

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