The Marietta Brewing Company: Marietta, Ohio

It was once said that every small town in America has a jewel, a crown gem that is unique and that once having been there, you will never forget. While Marietta, Ohio, a shady hamlet nestled at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers, has several precious stones, for the money, you can’t beat the Marietta Brewing Company.

Situated neatly on leafy Front Street, among a row of turn-of-the-century store fronts, you will find what some locals have called Marietta’s real claim to fame. When you find the bright neon “MBC” sign, open the door to an experience like none other. “We strive to accommodate everyone,” says Kevin Laughery, co-owner of the business. “We have a unique clientele; we have a mix of the regional culture here, as well as many people who stumble across us from out of the area.”

Kevin, you’re not lying. With food selections that range from calamari and health food selections such as spinach salad, to a tasty, large, old-fashioned hamburger (with MBC fries, of course), there is something for everyone on this extensive menu. The staff is well-versed on the selections and are willing to assist if you are having trouble selecting just the right meal. And what about that “brewery” part of the name? Order your choice of the Brewing Company’s own hand-crafted beers, ranging from their popular India Pale Ale and McLarens Scotch Ale, to more exotic experiments such as their own barrel-aged beers and Paw Paw beer (only available at certain times of the year).

Food and micro-beers are not the only experience the Brewing Company has to offer. Most nights of the week, live entertainment is offered both in the front part of the restaurant and on the unique “165 Patio” just outside of the main bar. Featuring acts ranging from Rhythm and Blues to modern rock, The Brewing Company frequently features bands from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus; touring bands from both coasts on occasion, and some of the best regional music to be found. “This is a unique venue. We have many bands that truly enjoy their gigs here,” says Chris Fennell, Entertainment Director for the Brewery. “We have an eclectic mix of music come through here; we have a little something for pretty much everyone. We have been mentioned in different publications for our entertainment options.”

So, the next time you are in Southeastern Ohio, make your way to Marietta and the Marietta Brewing Company. Slide through the front door, order up some Pub Grub and a beer (I recommend the IPA), and check out the live entertainment for the night. Just look for the ruby-red and emerald-green glow on Front Street, and you will find a crown jewel of not just Marietta, but truly the region as well.

By: Kevin Paskawych


One thought on “The Marietta Brewing Company: Marietta, Ohio

  1. How do I get information on this place. Is there a contact number or email address. Want to get a gift card for friends that live near there.

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