A Roundup of Awesome Things To Do in Fell’s Point, Baltimore

Sometimes I can’t just write about one location in a piece. Sometimes an area warrants a roundup piece which includes multiple sites within close proximity to each other. Fell’s Point is one of these cases. Fell’s Point, Baltimore is the section of Baltimore with the highest concentration of pubs and bars. Now that we’re all clear on my attraction to the area, we can get to the details. Pubs and bars aren’t the only thing in this trendy-enough-to-make-you-happy-to-be-there-without-suffocating-you neighborhood. From art galleries to record shops and fudge stores to music in the square, a handful of awesome places caught my eye in Fell’s Point. Without any further ado, I shall share with you these gems I found in a city I formally hated.

First and foremost, there is the hotel in which I spent the night. The Admiral Inn is a quaint and classic hotel right smack in the middle of the Fell’s Point area. Some locals told me it is actually the only hotel in the area. If that’s not a reason enough to stay there, I’ll give you a few others:

1. The bed was ridiculously comfortable.
2. I hear the place is haunted.
3. The cafe next door, Meli, is great for breakfast in the morning or lunch or dinner.
4. They have this in-room service where they’ll bring you anything from ice cream and chocolates to wine and roses.
5. Their soap/shampoo/lotion collection is eco-friendly.
6. They have tea and wine most nights of the week in the lobby.

Cat’s Eye Pub is not only on this list because it is a teal pub and I’m a sucker for that color, but it’s also my cousin’s favorite bar. He’s been going there for nearly 15 years now and he insisted on taking me through the place. The Sunday afternoon stench was surely that of lingering Saturday night regret, but I mean that in the best way possible. The pub has live music most nights and one of the most interesting collections of random memorabilia on the walls and ceilings I have yet to see in a bar. They also have a window looking onto the water and beers I highly approve of on tap.

TAG art galleries rocks. They sell some incredibly twisted, and thereby awesome, prints on canvas and paper alike.

Java-Roo fudge and coffee shop is adorable. I stopped in just for an iced soy chai latte and ended up chatting with the incredibly helpful, well-mannered, and music-knowledgable, Dave, who told me all about how he got robbed at knife point from his home the night before. But don’t worry, that was regular Baltimore–not Fell’s point. He chopped me off a square of English Toffee fudge and honestly, I really enjoyed it until my cavities started kicking in later on. His music he played was great and the vibe of the place was nice—especially for some downtime during the afternoon.

El Suprimo Record shop was musty and dark like your favorite uncle’s basement. You know, that basement you snuck into so you could leaf through his albums while he was at work and pretend you didn’t see the bong he hides behind the motorcycle? Oh what…you don’t have that uncle?

The Sound Garden, on the other hand, was a much larger record shop. It’s a big place that reminds me of what Amoeba might have once been with in-store performances, massive music collections, stickers, and candy. It’s big enough that you could get lost for a day, but not big enough to be considered ‘evil’ by underground music enthusiasts.

And there you have it, folks. A comprehensive map of my own footsteps, birthed only to guide your own feet around this, believe it or not, attractive section of Baltimore, Maryland.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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