Cafe Marron: Another Reason To Visit Spokane

There’s a place in Spokane where you can eat delicious food, no matter the time of day, and sip wine indoors or outdoors in a hip little neighborhood near a sprawling, beautiful park.

When I first took my seat (outside, of course) at Cafe Merron on a warm July morning, I distinctly remember feeling exceptionally at ease. Maybe it was the splendid evening I had had prior, out on the town with bottles of wine, or maybe it was the biking expedition along the Centennial Trail I had set up for after my breakfast looming its excited head around my morning’s corner. Either way, I gazed onto the menu, unsure of what to get. Would I be ‘good’ and get granola and fruit? Or would I, most predictably, be ‘bad’ and get the eggs florentine…

15 minutes or so later, I was diving into my decadence regret-free. That eggs florentine is probably the best eggs florentine I have ever had. Perfectly paired with fresh fruit and coffee that was replenished more times than I can count, Cafe Marron and I were a match made in heaven from beginning to end.

Do yourself a favor and stop in when you’re in Spokane.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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