Ambassadors: The Place To Stay In King’s Cross, London.

On a very serious mission to avoid American hotel chains and yet experience a massive hotel in London, I was drawn to Ambassadors after some research. Although websites can often lead you astray (of course with the only exception being this website), Ambassadors’ self-description was right on. Tucked away right next to St. Pancreas church off of the busy King’s Cross underground stop, the hotel is in a great location. The British Museum, The British Library, Regency Park, and plenty of small restaurants and bars decorate the nearby streets.

The hotel is top-notch and you know this right away when you walk in sporting ragged jeans and huge sunglasses. Thankfully, for all of us in the rebellious crowd of adults who refuse to grow up in the traditional sense, the sharply dressed suit-wearing front desk workers don’t judge you…not at least to your face. A basket of green aples, which I believe are inherently superior to red apples, sit on the front desk’s counter for the taking and the desk is also a convenient place to store your luggage should you arrive far too early for check-in.

My room was just as the website described it: equipped with a full bed, flat-screen tv, excellent mineral water, windows that actually open, free wi-fi, a vanity, a hair dryer, a bathrobe and slippers, and a top of the line translucently teal bathroom. The tub is great and the water stays warm. The toiletries are above and beyond your standard toiletries–even including a French face cream. The gym is clean and fully functional (unlike other hotel gyms I’ve attempted to work out in, which shall remain nameless as per my intent to enhance instead of damage my own karma).

If you want a safe bet that will make you feel right at home with all basic American ammenities, and more, consider Ambassadors Bloomsbury a recommendation from me to you. Although I didn’t get a chance to stay at any of their other Ambassadors locations, you should be made aware of the fact that there are multiple Ambassadors hotels throughout London.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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