Spokane is Supercalaindiefunkaexpialidocious: Zola

I was exploring Spokane, Washington recently. You might be thinking…”Spokane?! Why?!”…well, that common sentiment expressed by most people I know, most of them independently-thinking artists, was starting to really get on my nerves. I believe every city has its jewels. Yes, even Detroit. And Baltimore. So why not Spokane? I was kayaking and biking and running and breathing air far less expired than New York City’s. I was having fun. But I was missing something. Where would I tell my non-outdoorsy friends to go in Spokane? I knew what they’d be seeking: a funky, art-driven bar, live music, good beers, and like-minded crowd.

Luckily for me, my new friend, Joe, knew just where to take me. Zola. Zola is a cool bar, restaurant, venue, cool artistic space located in downtown Spokane at 22 West Main Street.

I walked into the place, which was remarkably crowded for a Tuesday night. An acoustic duo + a bassist covered songs like “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga and “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams. Covers don’t usually impress me, but these did. While the guy next to me sat drooling over the singer girl, a friend of Joe’s bought me a pitcher of Drifter and I sat sipping my brew, admiring the quirky decor (bike rims as liquor shelves? A giant boat as a bench?)

This is a place that I will not only return to the next time I’m in Spokane, but I’ll probably book a show there, too. It was just that cool.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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