The Ritter: A historical, enchanting German hotel

Heidelberg, Germany is a pretty town. But more than a pretty town, Heidelberg is an old town. The city streets are paved with brick that speaks of generations before you and the architecture reflects times past…just like the rest of Europe. But there is something special about Heidelberg. Something youthful dances in the air and while that could be motivated simply by the large college population in the town, I’d like to think it’s a bit more magical than that.

The Ritter is one of the town’s most famous hotels, if not the most famous. So if you go to Heidelberg, you’ll probably at least see The Ritter. It towers over the other buildings across from the old church with its gothic style towers and its dark stone. Its bottom level houses a restaurant, which I didn’t try out aside from the continental breakfast, but make no mistake…if the quality of the breakfast is any indicator as to how savory the dinner may or may not be, I’d safely make arrangements to spend my money there on any given evening out.

More importantly than the restaurant, however, is the hotel itself. Stairs wind around the levels of the building and the rooms are tucked away in not-so-obvious corners between large plants and history-filled carpet. My room was bright, naturally, thanks to the charming windows and the bed couldn’t have been more comfortable. Internet for a small fee, an unexpectedly modern bathroom (for such an old hotel!), a great desk and lounge area, and top-of-the-notch staff made me feel right at home at The Ritter.

On behalf of the beauty of the hotel and the comfort, (and ok, admittedly, the close location to many of Heidelberg’s fun bars), I would absolutely look into staying at The Ritter again my next time through Heidelberg, which I can only hope will be sooner than later.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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