A Posh London Hotel: Montagu Place

If I could only use one word to decribe Montagu Place, it would be sexy. If I could use two words, they would be sexy and posh. With only 16 rooms in the townhouse hotel, the place still manages to operate as smoothly as a massive 5 star hotel. Thoroughly attentive staff greet you at the front desk, which is also a full bar, and even insist on taking your luggage all the way up to the top floor for you.

The kind of room you get at Montagu Place depends on your mood. Fancy, Comfy, and Swanky are all aptly given room descriptions that you can choose from at Montagu. Although all three room types piqued my interest; fancy is what I got. And fancy it was. With a flat screen television, a massive bed with black velvet sheets, a classy bathroom, and cool modern furniture, it seems as though you get what you ask for at this place.

A plush meeting area downstairs provides free wi-fi and a view onto the quaint Portman Street. Just blocks away is the famous Oxford Street, with every kind of shopping you can imagine. Crisp and bustling, I would compare the area to New York’s midtown. It’s perfect for business, high-brow leisure, and meeting Slovakians who want to buy your drinks all night long.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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