Sugar Lounge: Really good food. Yes, in London.

I never went to England until recently. Hell, I never went to Europe until recently. But many of my friends did and do on a regular basis. They come back to the states bragging about their amazing shows and making faces at England’s horrible food. It’s what they all do. Some friends of mine rid themselves with anxiety head to toe before traveling to Europe. They stress themselves out with buying food to take with them. That’s how much some of them hate England’s food. I officially think they’re all looking in all the wrong places.

My first meal in England was nothing short of stellar. Sugar Lounge, located in Finsbury Park (145 Stroud Green Road), struts its stuff with red and dim chandelier lighting. The music is middle eastern in that over-sexed the-belly-dancer-will-be-here-soon kind of way. Candles stay lit on empty wine bottles with their wax streaming down the sides of the glass. The decor is straight out of a magazine and thank god; that’s not all this place has to offer.

The food is flawless. And trust me, I like my Turkish food. I got the vegetarian platter and was so convinced that the fake chicken was real that I nearly interrogated the waitress on the matter. It was fake. And deceitful. Deliciously deceitful. Every part of the vegetarian platter melted in my mouth and the only thing that stopped me from licking the plate clean was an interest in venturing down the street to dig up a cool place for dessert and/or an after.

Every part of this awesome restaurant is amazing and that includes the prices. England is notoriously expensive, but this place is totally affordable. Appetizers start at 3 pounds and the most expensive entree is 22 pounds, but that meal is meant for two epople. The other entrees sit around 6-8 pounds.

For all of you lame friends who told me England only has crappy food, guess what? My first meal in England was divine. DI-VINE.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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