Penta Hotels: The Artist’s Chain Hotel in Europe

Penta Hotels, which decorate Germany, England, and China, are, by definition, a chain hotel line. They’ve got a ton of rooms and just about everything you would expect from a regular hotel line…other than staleness. In an effort to bring flavor and personality to the often-times boring nature of chain hotels, Penta Hotels has successfully achieved something entirely different with their hotel line. And you’ll notice this the minute that you walk into the hotel.

The restaurant, bar, and front desk are one in the same. Your room key is given to you under the light of funky chandeliers in a room that might as well be straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog…and I mean that in the best way possible. Faux cow skin rugs adorn the smooth flooring below chairs you could sleep in–which you just may do after a few of their cocktails. And the list of reasons why Penta Hotels kicks the ass of every other chain hotel line out there I’ve yet to experience goes on:

1. They sell wine and beer in their vending machines on each floor.
2. Their bathroom toiletries come in bright colors, adorned with cheeky and fun messages, and even include an energizing body wash. (That new stuff you’ve heard about and want to try but don’t want to pay for). And they give you mouth wash.
3. Their beds are actually so comfortable (matched with the most perfect down comforters) that advise you to avoid Penta Hotels all together unless you’ve got time to sleep in.
4. The homescreen on their televisions is nature-documentary-based, presenting to you up close shots of dolphins and penguins and other marvelous wildlife when turned on.
5. You can’t miss the connecting point for the internet because it is covered by a big hunter-orange cover with an @ sign on the front.
6. The color scheme is bright and funky and the walls are partially uber-hip paisley scheme.
7. Waterfall showers aren’t an ‘upgrade’ at Penta Hotels like they have been for me at other hotels. They are stannnndard. (Music to my ears).
8. My favorite thing about Penta Hotels (drum roll): their grand breakfast buffet (which is grand, including everything from pastries to meats to cheeses to champagne) is served every day from 6:30am to 2pm. 2pm! For once! A hotel that understands that getting up by 10am for breakfast can really screw up a vacation.

Kudos, Penta Hotels. For a big chain hotel line, you’re pretty freaking rad.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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