Ossian Guest House: A Charming Bed and Breakfast

There are all kinds of places to stay in London. There are hostels, bed and breakfasts, lush and posh sprawling hotels, the floors and beds of strangers you meet at the bar, and with your Auntie Bernadette’s family–your only claim to English blood. You can never be too sure what you’ll get when casting judgment straight from a website’s impression, so you might as well take my so-honest-it-hurts opinion to heart and stay in one of these three places, depending on what you’re going for.

The owners of The Ossian Guest House, Ann and John, were a bit surprised to hear that I loved the neighborhood of their inn as much as I did. With restaurants, bars, live music, fresh fruit stands, cafes with free internet, thrift stores, and adorable architecture, I really couldn’t see what was not to love about the neighborhood and with the bed and breakfast being a nice mile or so walk from the tube at the Finsbury Park stop (don’t worry, there’s a bus if you’re weary of the walk), I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to stay here. The house has a charming field behind it, but there’s a story to that. Initially built around 1900, the house was meant for the water board and the ‘field’ is actually a reservoir. Although it can’t be walked on, it’s a beautiful sight and it brings a pasture-like feel to an otherwise residential part of London.

The inn offers three charming bedrooms. All three bedrooms have a different design and feel. There’s the French Room, the Jacuzzi Room, and the Rose Room. My room was the Rose Room. A canopy bed matched with a chandelier centered the room and was accented by lush curtains, stunning photography (taken by Ann), handy mirrored wardrobes, and a flat screen television (equipped with a DVD player and DVDs downstairs that you can borrow for free).

The bathroom, however, was my favorite part of the room. I think their shower (although maybe a bit too small to welcome larger folks) is one of the best showers I have ever had. The bathroom has some space age control panel that I’ve yet to see anywhere else. You can control the steam, water direction and pressure, lighting, and even a radio right there in the bathroom. It comes with a convenient seat…convenient after you’ve just jogged a couple miles around the neighborhood and need nothing more than to sit in the steam. (Seriously, if someone could have invented this already, I don’t see what the hold up is for the hoover board…)

The couple offer a complimentary breakfast each morning from 8-9am. Juice, coffee, tea, fruit, cereal, and all other expected essentials fill the table at breakfast hour and as is the case with every bed and breakfast, breakfast time is a great time to chat with other travelers from varied backgrounds.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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