So you want to advertise on The Anti Tourist? We just might have you. If you have a cool spot (read: restaurant, bar, hotel, adventure company, car service with black lights and disco balls) and feel like the most adventurous of travelers are your target market, The Anti Tourist can help you get your name out there. Our adspace is ridiculously inexpensive right now and that’s because we’re still a relatively young site. It won’t be this cheap when we’re further along on our taking-over-the-world-one-independent-traveler-at-a-time journey. Currently, we’re only open to having one advertiser at a time and we’re only open to having advertisers for one week at a time (You could always have one week a month if it suits you, but we don’t want two consecutive weeks of the same advertiser right now). That means allllllllll of our readers will see your ad and only your ad on every page of our site. Interested in finding out what these cheap rates are and if you can snatch up a week? Contact: with a subject of ‘Advertising’. Easy as pie.


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