Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards: Woodside, California

There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy vineyards but if you force me to outline them, the list of top reasons goes a little bit like this:

1. Wine.
2. Scenery.
3. Wine.

But when you’re in San Mateo county, or northern California at all, you’re surrounded by wine country. Knowing which vineyard to visit is the tough part. Choose the wrong vineyard and you’ll be surrounded by barking tourists and under-par wine. Choose the right vineyard and you’ll have a new favorite wine to always look out for. Thomas Fogarty’s wine is wine I’ll always be on the lookout for now after having visited the charming vineyard in San Mateo county.

The rolling hills are convincingly European. The flowers blossom on the fields like stars on a black night sky and the valley peaks out below the fog, reminding you of how high into the Santa Cruz mountains you are. But your elevation won’t sneak up on you at the Thomas Fogarty vineyard. After all, the drive up through the redwoods on a scarily snaking road will keep you alert on your journey to the top.

The wine is delicious, the background music is good (Zero Seven was playing as I sipped away), the in-house cat is friendly, for a cat, and oh yeah…the wine is delicious. Make sure to visit the Thomas Fogarty vineyard the next time you’re gracing San Mateo county as to avoid crappy experiences at other vineyards.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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