Cameron’s (British) Bed & Beverage: Half Moon Bay, California

Although I’m a longtime fan of the bed and breakfast and all of its charm, a new concept has now brushed across my mind for my travels, but perhaps it’s not a new concept at all: the bed and beverage. Now I won’t try to sweep my punk (or post punk) rock touring past under any rugs. Many a nights while traveling the road with my late band were spent sleeping at the very same bar we’d just played. I distinctly remember sleeping on the floor at both a music venue that sold hot dogs in Jackson, Mississippi and a bar with the best steak fries ever in Cincinnati, Ohio. But the most important key word here is: floor.

At Cameron’s Bed & Beverage in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco, you don’t have to sleep on the floor should you (or when you) get too toasted to drive home. Cameron’s has three rooms above the bar which you can rent–but beware! I’m certain that the first and third rooms in this joint are haunted. Stick with the middle room if you don’t want anything going bump in the night during your drunken stupor. And if you plan on leaving Cameron’s sober enough to drive–you’d better have a game plan because Cameron’s has got enough going on to suck in the most holy of Mother Teresas for a night. (I believe holy can be synonymous with shit-faced, for the record).

The first thing you’ll notice about Cameron’s, besides everything, is the pyramid of beer cans stacked along the wall in the main room. Once your eyes get past the sight, you’ll start to notice everything else: a pack rat’s collection of photographs and other miscellaneous memorabilia, a corner store of goods imported straight from England, a game room, a small stage in the back for live music, a double-decker out front, equipped with a television to entertain the smokers who fill the bus, and a tasty menu (among many still unlisted attractive features).

Every aspect of Cameron’s Pub–from the unlit corners inside to the bold landscaping decor outside–is unique and worthy of your eye and time. Half Moon Bay is a gorgeous spot as it is, but with a bed and beverage spot like this to call home, you just may never make it to the Golden Gate. And really, who cares.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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