Lit Lounge: A place to party in NYC. Each and every night.

I first ‘partied’ (why is ‘partied’ not a word yet? We all know what it means and use it…) at Lit Lounge, (at 2nd ave between 5/6th streets in NYC) simply referred to as ‘Lit’, my first year in New York. While I can’t remember who initially dragged me into the club, I can remember this one thing: I wouldn’t have found out about the club had no one dragged me in. There isn’t a sign outside. The people you meet at Broadway shows aren’t going to tell you about it. Yet, despite it’s constant flirtation with all that is trendy, 80’s hipster, attitude-carrying, and pretentious, Lit has never failed in showing me a good time. Never. It’s kind of like the Urban Outfitters of bars and clubs: you know it knows it’s cool and therefore you don’t want it to be cool, but since it is cool and you, cool person, like things that are cool, you get screwed into being a fan.

But what’s not to be a fan of? Lit has open bars multiple times a week. For those of you unaware, that means totally free booze–but you’d better tip. Lit has bands nightly downstairs. Lit has an art gallery upstairs. Lit has DJs that rock and subsequently has frequent dance parties that also rock. Lit is free to get in upstairs and after 11ish downstairs.

In all fairness, Lit is dirty. Lit is crowded. Lit is loud. Lit’s drinks are expensive. But none of that negates how much fun is to be had at Lit, or how nice it is that there’s a gentleman whose sole job is to stand atop the stairs leading to the basement, letting drunkies know they should be ‘careful’ heading down the stairs.

Every time friends from out of town come to NYC and want to ‘party’, Lit is a spot that comes to mind. Down a red bull, leave your open-toed shoes at home, get there in time for the open bar, and dance the night away.

By: Elizabeth Seward

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One thought on “Lit Lounge: A place to party in NYC. Each and every night.

  1. If nothing else, Lit is awesome because they host Precious Metal every Monday and it’s one of NYC’s only quality live metal nights.
    Also the upstairs is frequently full of doucebags.

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