Off The Trail at Cooper’s Rock, West Virginia

Ok. Cooper’s Rock outside of Morgantown, West Virginia is a pretty popular tourist destination. I’ll admit it. But you can treat yourself to stunning sights the other tourists don’t see if you’re a little bit of an adventurer.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go out to the touristy Cooper’s Rock ledge. Savor the beauty of the rolling hills. Relax.

2. When you’re done soaking in the marvelous Appalachian mountain-view, exit the wooden bridge the same way you entered.

3. As you head back out to the trails, you’ll notice a trail off to your left that will lead you below the bridge. No, you’re not supposed to go down here. But I did. And you should, too.

4. Be careful as you slide yourself down the rocks and below the bridge. It’s steep.

5. Once you’ve made it down, explore! The rock formations, caves, and hiking paths down here are some of the best at Cooper’s Rock. If you get caught being ‘off-trail’, just say you got lost. Easy as pie.

By: Elizabeth Seward

One thought on “Off The Trail at Cooper’s Rock, West Virginia

  1. Yes, Cooper’s Rock is beautiful. You should see it in the fall – a blaze of many colors!! However, don’t forget the multitude of other beautiful places to see in West Virginia – Black Water Falls, Hawks Nest, New River Gorge, Pipestem, Canaan Valley – just to name a few. Once one has spent some time enjoying the beautiful mountains and rolling valleys of our State, it becomes quite clear why they call us “Almost Heaven”.

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