The US Embassy in Prague

“My passport expires soon, and I’m not in the US, oh no!” If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar pickle, you know what I’m talking about. Do not fear, this is why American embassy’s exist, folks.

Located at Tržiště 15 Prague 1, the American embassy has a whole array of services for it’s citizens. Passports, birth certificates, marriages to cute Czech ladies, and absentee ballots are just a few you may be interested in. The place is surrounded by other embassies and various restaurants catering to the international crowd.

If you’re in need for passport services specifically, you are in luck! Anyone who has remotely tried to get a passport in the states knows that it takes a little bit of time.

Let’s see what the internet says!

For routine service:
“As of today, we are processing routine applications in approximately 3 weeks from the time of application.”

For “expedited” service:
“As of today, we are processing requests for expedited service, that include overnight delivery to and from the Passport Agency, within 2 weeks door-to-door.”

Ok. So about a month or so…but what does it cost? If you’re an adult, $100 plus gas and some coffee for your brain on your trips to the post office.

So how long does it take to get a passport in Prague? Drumroll please…. THREE TO FIVE DAYS! The cost for renewal is only $75 and the embassy was fairly empty when I was there.

I recommend the US Embassy in prague. Say hello to the lone marine posted behind the thick anti-shoot you in the face glass.

Also, if you are anything like me and forgot your 2″x2″ photos, there’s a photo place about 100 meters down on Tržiště. Phew! Definitely saves a trip all the way back to your flat, or to a photo booth in a mall (which they don’t accept!).

By: Bill Meis

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