DC Inns-A Bed & Breakfast Experience To Remember

(The patio of Woodley Park)

Have you ever wanted to travel without having to feel like a total stranger, entrapped in a sterile hotel with no one to communicate with? As you might guess, this feeling of comfortable travel is one I’m always on a hunt for. (Hence the purpose of this site!) Some hotels do really go above and beyond, and for those hotels, I am grateful. I, however, prefer to embark on the experience of the inn when I can, particularly that of the bed and breakfast. But finding a good bed and breakfast isn’t quite as simple as it seems. Sure, we’ve got the internet as a sprawling resource these days, but I am still impressed when I find a bed and breakfast that really gets it all right. And DC Inns gets it all right.

DC Inns is, collectively, two different inns that are about one mile away from each other. Located in the Dupont Circle and Woodley Park sections of DC, the inns have been turned over and transformed into elegant, yet cozy, homes to travelers in less than a decade.

(The room at Woodley Park)

The Woodley Park inn welcomed me first. Immediately, I noticed how genuinely nice the receptionist was to me and how helpful the many pamphlets near the door were. When it was time to settle into my room, I noticed something which helps put DC Inns at the top of my bed and breakfast list: they don’t have television sets. And who needs one, anyway? We’ve grown addicted to the glowing boxes in our culture and vacation time shouldn’t include television time if you ask me. I commend DC Inns for understanding that and cornering their visitors into having face time with other travelers and truly experiencing DC.

(The breakfast table at Woodley Park)

The room at Woodley park was beautifully decorated and if I had to choose only one word, it would be ‘warm’.

(Both inns have these amazing libraries.)

I spent my next night at Embassy Circle and it was just breathtaking. This inn is one of elegance, dressed up with hand-blown glass chandeliers, exquisite art, and antique furniture. The room was just as cozy and beautiful as the one at Woodley park and the staff were matched in hospitality.

There’s a tradition at both inns which really left an impression on me that cannot be undone: conversation. Breakfast is served in the morning and the guests are introduced to one another by the innkeepers and conversations overtake the respective breakfast rooms. From locally and fresh-made pastries and organic bread to hard-boiled eggs and a 12-fruit fresh fruit salad, the inns have the art of breakfast down pact. You really couldn’t ask for more. The conversations with other guests are really what bring a new life to DC Inns that I haven’t seen in many other bed and breakfasts. If you happen to stay at Embassy Circle, the lengthy conversations on every topic under the sun are deepened by a 5:30 wine-drinking tradition; held daily with delicious snacks.

My opinion, officially, is this: The next time you’re in DC, you need to stay with DC Inns.

(An amazing piece of antique furniture at Embassy Circle.)

By: Elizabeth Seward


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