Bohemian Caverns: As Awesome As It Sounds

If you find yourself in Washington D.C. in search of the perfect bar/restaurant, I urge you to check out Bohemian Caverns. My experience there was oriented around an inauguration party thrown by Brightest Young Things (keep up with these guys, by the way. They know how to throw a party and do so routinely in the D.C. area). While the typical night at Bohemian Caverns isn’t associated with BYT, the point of the Caverns is clear enough: awesomeness.

Perfectly named, the Bohemian Caverns is a 4 floor party complex with a bar on each floor. The basement (my favorite spot, hands down) is a sprawling cave that’s been turned into a drinking hole/live music venue.

The main floor boasts an elegant dining menu, full bar, tvs, and great music..

The 3rd and 4th floors are accessed through a separate entrance and bring you into a huge room with the balcony level being the 4th floor.

Bohemian Caverns is spacious, decadent, and dark. Driven by the spirit of blues and jazz, the nights are danced away on the upper levels here, food is indulged in on the main level, and live bands are enjoyed in the caverns.

If you’re going out in D.C., make sure you check this out.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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