Tackling a mountain in Dracula’s back yard!

A 22-hour bus trip from Prague across Eastern Europe was definitely worth the trip when I finally found myself deep into Dracula territory, Brasov, Romania to try my hand at mountain climbing I mean..who wouldn’t to climb the Carpathian Mountain? It wasn’t necessarily the sense of adventure that had me hooked, but rather, it was knowing that I was about do something that I had dreamed about. Despite my fear of heights and my distaste for nature, I wasn’t put off… I was too excited about the challenge of it all, and I was game for anything.

So I got myself a guide and was on my way to Bucegi Mountain to face my fears and tempt fate. The climbing up part was easy… mainly due to the fact that I cheated and took a cable car up the mountain. I never realized how hard it was going to be. At the beginning it was a piece of cake, but as we climbed farther down the mountain, I soon realize that it was going to get harder. It had rained the night before, so the path was slippery and muddy. I soon began to wonder where I got the idea to climb down a mountain that was 2065 meters height…I must have been out of my mind.

There was a whole lot of drama going on during this climb, with me slipping and falling about every 10 minutes or so. I was bleeding and crying and cursing myself for thinking I could do this. At one point I even thought about becoming a wilderness girl and living in the mountain just so I didn’t have to climb anymore. But then I remembered I sorta hate nature and had no alcohol or entertainment and would just have to suck it up and climb back down to civilization as to not turn my life into an episode of LOST. My guide was always calm with me and always incredibly encouraging. Thank god, because if I’d had to deal with an asshole guide…I think I would have called it quits and thrown a temper tantrum right then and there. Nearly four hours after we started, I finally made it to the bottom. I have never been so proud of myself in all my life. Sure… I was in tears and injured BUT… I had done it. And I was so happy to be back on solid..LOW…ground that I literally kissed the ground I was standing on and triumphantly made my way to a bar. I needed alcohol to settle my nerves-to say the least.

Guide: 100 euros

Boots: 50 euros

A pint of beer: 15 pence

Yolanda making it down the mountain alive: priceless.

By: Yolanda Evans


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