Adam’s Creek (Culvers Gap Quad, NJ/PA)

Until you get stranded in a severe thunder storm in a huge forest after seeing a waterfall, lose your shoes in the rushing creek water, and hike miles back out to the highway totally barefoot-you’ll never quite have the same experience I had with Adam’s Creek.  Nonetheless, just seeing the waterfalls without the adversity would have been just fine and I’d highly encourage you to check out this amazingly well kept secret yourself.  Located just over Pennsylvania’s eastern border near New Jersey, there’s a trail off of the side of the road.  Finding it would be a whole lot tougher if the state hadn’t put up a convenient little parking lot next to the trail, though.  You hike up a clear path for a few miles before it really starts to stretch wildly along creek rocks, buried beneath two gigantic hills.  You follow the creek through and eventually, you’ll hear the roaring of a waterfall.  Take a minute to bask in the wonder of this waterfall, but keep moving because there’s an even greater waterfall just beyond this one.  The trail between the first waterfall and the second is the most trying of all trails in these woods.  The rocks are steep and slippery and, if you have any sense in you, don’t hike it with flip-flops like I did.  The second waterfall has an even deeper roar and a 60 foot cliff well equipped for jumping should you be so inclined.  But beware…the water is f*cking freezing.  


I have lived in NYC for 6 years now and never knew until this trip how beautiful some places within just 2 hours of the city are.  The hike through Adam’s Creek is majestic and breath-taking; much more like a South American rain forest than a state owned park just over the New Jersey border.  According the locals, NJ residents work hard to keep this place a secret…but I couldn’t help but share.

By: Elizabeth Seward


9 thoughts on “Adam’s Creek (Culvers Gap Quad, NJ/PA)

  1. awsome hike EXTREME TERRAIN past the third fall. AT LEAST A FIFTY FOOT FALL IF YOU F!@#$ UP
    heading up to the mill. great place to lax and smoke with good VIBES. remeber keep it clean and respect whats all of ours..

  2. I was there yesterday jumping, it was my first time, was with a few friends. Although it was extremely cold (the water) it was alot of fun. It was a little hard to get there just with the terrain, but its worth checking out!

  3. I was just there today. I come every yr. each yr, theres more people and trash. Broken glass, drunk groups of teenagers and empty 40’s i was picking up on the way out. Heartbreaking, ive been coming here for 20 yrs. i wish it were still a secret. .

  4. Can you please tell me how to get to adams creek where i see everyone cliff jumping by the water fall ? Im coming from long island just to vist this spot. Im just unsure how to get here! Please get back to me

  5. I don’t recommend jumping. It’s not safe. The water is not that deep and not that wide. You can hit one of the side rocks like someone else who messed up their back and neck. Or possibly die.

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