Goat Hill Pizza

The person snapping this photo for us (a fellow Goat Hill customer waiting to be seated), said with mild odium as he handed back the camera, “You just want street cred, huh?”  Well, if my reputation on the streets of San Francisco can be built by gorging on cheap pizza, then I will willingly strive for local infamy.  I disagree with this guy’s opinion of the place anyway.  Though Goat Hill Pizza is clearly a neighborhood favorite, I doubt it is well known the city over, even by long-time locals.  True, Monday nights you’ll find a moderate crowd gathered outside the front door, but should the restaurant be of such high repute, I’d imagine locals swarming the place in higher numbers.  Now I don’t mean to say Goat Hill is not deserving of such swarms, especially on Monday nights, when you pay only $10.95 for all-you-can-eat pizza and salad.  The salad is served buffet style, but the pizza is served like Dim Sum by the friendliest staff in town.  And though pepperoni and cheese pizza is available, you’ll see plenty of unconventional toppings: feta, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, scallions, red onions, chicken, anchovies, and even clams.  The dining area is small, but has several sizeable tables, perfect for large groups.  Since the kids’ all-you-can-eat price is only $5.95, Goat Hill has become rather popular among young families.  Cheap and delicious pizza served by a jolly wait staff is an experience in itself, but Goat Hill also boasts stunning views of San Francisco.  Perched atop Potrero Hill with grand windows facing north and east, you can watch the shadows of dusk over the Financial District while glutting yourself.  I have yet to see a tourist in my many Monday visits, but am positive that, should an outsider wander in, staff and customers alike would soon know his name, his story, and his favorite pizza.  Just don’t tell the other tourists, the reputable locals might get mad!


2 thoughts on “Goat Hill Pizza

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