The Alley

Back in March, 2008, I went on a little spring break vacation to Chicago, Illinois. When you hear the word Chicago, also known as “The Windy City”, some thoughts that come to mind are The Sears Tower, or Millennium Park. These are both fun and popular places to visit while in the city, but there is one place that I think more people should know about. The Alley, located on 3228 North Clark Street, is one of the most interesting clothing stores that I have ever set foot in. With it’s big black and silver sign on top of the door, it’s pretty hard to miss! When you first walk into The Alley, you may be a bit confused. It looks like you just entered one of the biggest leather shops of all time! But don’t get too nervous, just keep walking! Once you pass that part of the store, you will go down a few steps and find a room full of T-shirts. Pick one that is already pre-made, or pick out a design and get it printed on any kind of shirt you want! Also in this part of the store, there is tons of jewelry. From gauges to necklaces, you will definitely find something that fits your taste! Need a new pair of shoes you say? Just walk right into the next room! It’s right downstairs from the T-shirt shop. It looks like a Vans store, only with a wider selection of shoes. Or maybe you are looking for more trendy clothing. Maybe something that you probably wont see on anyone else. Walk back on upstairs, into the room next to the T-shirt shop, which is one more level up. You will find a wide selection of clothing for girls. From Gothic dresses, to preppy sweaters … you won’t see these threads on anyone else! So to some up our little trip to The Alley – It is a huge store with four different rooms full of different items that are hard to find anywhere else. They make the perfect souvenirs, so pick something up for a friend so you can give them a little feel of the Chicago style!

By: Britt Boyce

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